Monday, March 12, 2012

Orlando Lawyer Offers Tips on Post-Divorce Health Insurance

Health insurance becomes an issue in almost every Orlando Orlando divorce, particularly when there are children involved. Many times one spouse provides insurance for the entire family through their employer, however, after a divorce that spouse can no longer cover the other spouse on their employers insurance. If you are the spouse losing coverage and cannot secure coverage through your own employer you may consider a cobra plan or your own individual plan as soon as the divorce is final. Insurance coverage can often be an unexpected expense after the divorce is final and it is important to include this cost when you are evaluating what your expenses will be post divorce. Children must always be covered and if insurance is not available through either spouses employer the State of Florida has a program called KidCare that will keep children insured at a fraction of the cost of private insurance.  Be sure to consult your Orlando family law attorney with any questions you may have.

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