Monday, April 2, 2012

Orlando Child Support Considerations for Special Needs Children

In Florida child support is based on a mathematical calculation that has been spelled out in the Florida Statute.  Family issues can be very fluid and it is hard to keep to a specific calculation in every case; that is why there are exceptions which allow a deviation from the total amount of child support if there are extraordinary medical, psychological, educational or dental expenses as well as if the child has special needs.  If you have a child with special needs you understand the increased costs associated with raising your child—this is a perfect example of why these exceptions exist.  Recent studies have shown that autism diagnoses are on the rise.  The following article illustrates some of the financial issues surrounding parents with autistic (and otherwise special needs) children.  Be sure to talk to an Orlando family law attorney with any questions regarding your rights and needs when it comes to child support for your special needs child.

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